Farmowners & Equipment
Your Rural home, personal belongings, outbuildings & farm equipment, we can protect you.
Your home is more than just a house. We’ll customize your coverage to protect your home and belongings.
Rental Dwelling
Let us help protect your rental dwelling investment.
Tenant Insurance
Your personal property needs protection whether you reside In an apartment or rental unit.
Whether you’re on the trails or the water, we’ll make sure your ATV or boat is protected.
Mine Subsidence
If your property is located over an abandoned mine, we can make sure you’re protected in case of the unexpected.

In accordance with recent changes to Section 10(a)(2) of the Farm Mutual Act (“the Act”) by the Illinois General Assembly through SB 765, Mendota Mutual will be reducing its catastrophic reinsurance coverages from unlimited catastrophic coverage to “adequate” catastrophic coverage. “Adequate” catastrophic reinsurance coverage is defined in the Act. This reduction in catastrophic reinsurance coverage increases the risk retained by Mendota Mutual and therefore increases the possibility that members will be assessed.

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